Thursday, January 12, 2006


Okay looks like I've moved to wordpress's my Dad's blog
and heres my new blog so thats all.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ode to Febuary for "sigh" the Macbook

Even if a miracle happens, it won't happen on Friday but in Febuary. Oh Febuary why Febuary for even if I get it I'll still have to wait for Febuary you can buy a intel iMac right now but not a simple Macbook :(

Macbook 2

I want a (shudder) Macbook and my Dad's giving me sticker ideas? well in case you didn't see the price on the Macbook I've saved a third of it dude now your just makeing me even more sad :-( unless Dad's going to pony up $1,300 :-) then I'll be glad to cover my Macbook with Microsoft stickers.


Okay as you should know by now Apple has just put out a new line of computer the "MacBook". Wait what the hell is a Macbook? no, what the hell kind of name is a Macbook? there we go somebody should be fired for that one and all I said was the name. Okay next the price, $2,000 you know some people said it might be $700 now I might have to save for another year just to buy the thing I was crushed when I saw the price, I've been waiting since August for this and I'm going to have to wait till next August too. why Steve why. Well although its looking like I won't get this untill next Christmas, hey there might be a way. Anyway I'll get to see this "Macbook" on Friday because I'm going to Macworld! and this is all thanks to Dave Winer and I can't belive it I'm so happy I get to go to Macworld oh yeah! and hey I might be able to talk my Dad in to something :)