Saturday, November 19, 2005

A post from an eMac at my uncle's house

I'm here at my uncle Tony's house right now and I'm useing his eMac to blog with and this thing is my test computer (for when I get a Mac) so I know what every thing looks like and stuff and I've came to this's slow, old, and slow. It's so old theres not a iTunes version past 3.1 that can get on this thing and there's no garageband. It's also very very slow so E is not very good for education unless you want too sit there for hours wating for something to load, though I did get Camino on here though and it's beautiful and blogger is better on this browser than Safari's version of it.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger DevilsRejection said...

If you do get a Mac you should wait until the Intel Mac's so that if you ever feel so inclined to do so you could use both OS x and Vista.

Do a little bit of research on Mac OSX x86. Basically Apple is chaning the chips inside their computers from IBM chips to Intel chips such as the ones in all the computers at Best Buy.

All the developers so far are saying it's much much faster.

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