Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Apple question

Hi again, long time no write. Apple, Apple what you might ask, the computers of course. I heard from many people Apple is making some important improvements to there computers and about time to I suppose Steve is getting ready for the bang of Vista. Apple will hopefully start putting Intel chips in there computers making them faster and cheaper. Do you think Apple will regain some market share by doing this? I would like to also know why the G5 chips they use are so expensive when there pretty slow for the price large price I hope I get some feedback I would ask my Dad but he's in Europe and no one wants to pay long distance for a question like this when I could just write it on my blog.


At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Brock Tice said...

The G5 chips are very powerful for some sorts of applications. I doubt that you're going to see Apple's prices dropping much -- the prices are for the premium package, not just the G5s.

Two things are important about the switch to x86 processors. One is that Apple can use Intel's low power processors for notebooks, and the other is that it will be possible for people to run Windows on their Apple hardware in a dual-boot configuration with Mac OS X. I think Apple is trying to lure people with this. They can run Windows as a security blanket of sorts until they become comfortable with OS X and make sure that they have the software they need. At that point I (and probably Apple) expect them to become so enamored of OS X that they forget about Windows.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Ryan Boswell said...

The G5s are very pwowerful as brock said, and one of the main reasons they are so expensive is because of overheating problems, which is why we don't have G5 Powerbooks and iBooks (that would be so awsome though). And as brock said there are a few things that are good about the switch to x86.

The first is that computers will be cheaper, again one of the main costs for Apple when they are building the macs is cooling, which is why the inside of a G5 PowerMac is so packed, and the inside of a x86 PowerMac is so empty (I've seen the pics somewhere, but I don't remember where exactly), because in the x86s there isn't any, or at least not nearly as much, of the cooling equipment required to keep the computer from overheating.

In fact even the G4s have some overheating problems, I remember that a few people were admitted to hospitals because of second degree burns from using the aluminum Powerbooks on their lap, which overheating and burned them.

Another good thing about the x86s is the second thing that brock said, people can have a dual-boot machine, perfect for switchers because it allows them to run windows side-by-side with OS X, that way they will have a "comfort blanket" to fall back on when they get worried or need help with the OS X side, in fact that would have been useful for me to have when I got my iBook last Christmas, after the initial novelty wore off, and I had to start using it for real work I got nervous and started to think that I shouldn't have switched, but then I thought that I only feel that way because it's not what I'm used to using, so I just bit the bullet and went on and now the only time I use windows is when I have to print something at home or when I'm troubleshooting computer problems at my school.

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Brendan Cosgrove said...

Brock and Ryan both make some good points, except, I am very certain that Steve Jobs doesn't want to "lure" people with the dual boot option. That's like Lexus selling you a car with the option to also have a Mercedes in the driveway for occassional use. Apple just wants people to fall in love with OSX (lexus) and totally forget about windows (Mercedes). I don't think you will see dual boot ever talked about from Apple on the x86.

the car analogy is limited i know.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Deg said...

A dual-boot would be awesome, but I double Apple will want to do that. Hopefully the new chipset will make it easier to port PC games onto the Mac. I'm a big fan of PC games which is why I haven't switched to Mac.

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